Vest Up


Hey There

This is the first time I am going to be doing such a post in which
I have used one beautiful vest in three different ways.
Often we always complain about what to wear in the morning
or having not too many clothes.
Trust me when I write this I am having a smile on my face
because I face the same problem.
It is not possible to buy new pair of clothes every day
but every once in a while when you do buy think about how you can style
it in so many ways!

Recently I went to Lil Flea Exhibition at Bandra and let me tell
you how amazing it was!
Even though it was super crowded but it all was definitely over whelming.

Now I have 99% of my wardrobe full of western clothes and I
haven’t been much of a fan when it comes to traditional wear.
But when I saw this beautiful Gujrati style vest I couldn’t get my eyes off it!
Beautiful work on the front and back which got me thinking
of different styles it could be used in.
So let’s have a look at it!

Look 1





Vest-Lil Flea

Top, Jeans and Bangles- Forever 21,

Backpack-Local Street of Bangkok



Ear cuff-Colaba Causeway

This look is mostly suitable for college or some casual day out.
Since the vest is so colorful I decided to use simple dark colors
to contrast with it. This outfit is simple and beautiful.
Paired it up with a cloth backpack which is so light to carry.
Also a golden ear cuff and golden beads necklace to bring the look together

Look 2





Top-Forever 21,

Skirt-Borrowed from mom,


Flats and Neckpiece-Colaba

This is more like a semi traditional look. An outfit I would
probably wear if my relatives were to come or a traditional day planned
at workplace or college. Matched up the color of the vest and the skirt
and decided to color coordinate my neckpiece with my flats.
Also to not add more color I decided to go with a simple silver
cuff gifted to me by a friend many years ago.

Look 3





Kurti-Myntra, Leggings-Morrio,

Bangles and Flats-Colaba

and Mang Tikka-Borrowed from friend.

I never was a fan of whole traditional look but since I wanted to do
something new I tried experimenting with this white kurti
and I fell in love with this outfit! The vest was probably made
for this kurti! Since I don’t have much of traditional jewelry
I borrowed my friend’s mang tikka to pair it up with this outfit.
If you ask me one of my favorite look from all three it’s
probably going to be this.

Do tell me which look was your favorite in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love



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