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Hey There

Finally the summer vacations are over and colleges have started in India.
Though vacations are completely exciting but after a while it does get boring
to sit at home all day!
This post is all about funky stuff I got from here and there.
I styled it up keeping the idea of college in mind.
 I simply love wearing tops that speak my mind and this top certainly does!
When I saw this top at Primark I knew this thing is going to be a standout
in wardrobe!
Decided to pair it up with a good pair of denim jeans and white flats.
The jhola is from India Circus which was also featured
in my previous blog post.
What I love about this jhola the most is it’s vibrant colors and
how easy it is to carry around.
You can pair such a top with statement necklaces but it is completely
up to you all. A simple chain would also work.
ihe 7
Top and Flats-Primark,
Jeans and Sunglasses-Forever 21
Bracelet-Claires and
Ring-Street Shop
Hope you guys liked this post. What would be your favorite college outfit?
do let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love

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