The Misty Blues

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Hey There

So before I start talking about the outfit let’s talk about the inspiration behind it.
Monsoon season just got started and how pleasant it feels to get a break from the unbearable heat. I love summers but the heat sometimes would get to my head and I constantly need to worry about the excessive sweating.

Now rainy season is quite beautiful if you ask me. I remember sitting on my balcony swing for hours and watching the rain. Also the fragrance of wet mud-divine!
We as kids never used to really care if our clothes got dirty in the rains. I used to always go home with clothes all drenched up and of course if my mom had an option she would throw me in the dryer along with those clothes haha!

Why am I writing this post is because recently when I was going home after a quiet lunch, I got stuck up in the middle of nowhere without any mode of transportation back home. I had worn a sheer top with leggings which was a complete bad idea and I ended up looking like a disaster.

So what should we really wear in these rains?

I decided to put together this simple outfit which is actually one of my favourites for this season.
A casual summer dress paired up with a basic white shirt. Accessorise the outfit with minimum yet stand out accessories.

A beautiful dream catcher neckpiece made by Lets Be Carefree. Now I love this neckpiece because it is subtle and yet so chic and colourful. Beautiful and vibrant colors and a little mirror work that bedazzled the neckpiece. Also how beautiful are those feathers right! You can check out her website to know more.

Now I know heels is a complete bad idea for the rainy season but I cannot survive without my favourite pair of blue heels. I do own a pair of jelly flats but when I go out for a lunch to a good restaurant, or to work I cannot bear the idea of wearing jelly flats. So I always carry them with me in my waterproof bag along with my umbrella and a few essentials. Makeup would be recommended minimal and don’t forget to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner! You certainly don’t want the makeup running everywhere on your face haha!

Do let me know what you would wear for the monsoon in the comments below. Hope you guys have been having a great time

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tmb 2


Dress and Belt-Forever 21(Dubai),

Heels-New Look,

Neckpiece-Lets Be Carefree,

Shirt-Vero Moda,

Ring-Westside And


Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love



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