Tie-Dye Fun

tdf 3

Hey There

Almost for every post I mention this is one of my favourite outfits but for this one I can surely say this is my favourite outfit of all time!
Usually for every post I have ideas streaming through my mind but for this one I feel like I am having a writer’s block.
Writer’s block is basically a condition in which the writer is not getting enough ideas as to what he should write.
If you ask me about adorable cats and unicorns I can probably go on and on for 2 entire pages but when it comes to my personal blog post the number of ideas I am having is zero.
Which makes me realise a blogger’s work is not to just get pretty pictures clicked but to write something qualitative which gives your entire post a weight.
Moving on
Tie Dye is amongst the hottest trends. I love clothes which have a unique look to them and this dress surely works for me. Also Tie Dye is something you have to be really careful around with because you don’t want to mess up with bright contrasting colors which can probably end up looking really ugly.
For this dress I can surely rant for quite a while but let’s not get carried away. First of all I had never imagined I am going to find such a beautiful dress on the streets of Mumbai. I am the kind of person who loves street shopping and when you find dresses like such for a great deal there would be a certain divine music like ‘Hallelujah’ playing in the background. The shades of grey is gorgeous, the length of the dress is perfect and the back of it will surely make the people standing behind jealous!
I decided to contrast the shades of grey with a few shades of pink. The Pink wedges are a must item for your wardrobe(if you are as obsessed with pink as I am). Paired it up with a baby pink coloured hand cuff along with a beautiful flower neckpiece belonging to my best friend( I might steal it someday because it is so gorgeous) haha. Along with all these accessories I ended up wearing pink tinted sunglasses and a holographic clutch.
This outfit was meant to be worn sometime in summer when you need some bright and dull colors playing hand in hand together but I would like to wear it more during the time of winter. Obviously then I might pair it up with a faux(fake) fur jacket or a faux biker black leather jacket.
That’s all for now! Do let me me know in the comments below or on my Instagram account that how would you pair up your Tie-Dye clothes? Also it is a mission of mine to make my own Tie-Dye clothes so hopefully that should be soon!


tdf 6

tdf 5

tdf 1

tdf 7

tdf 2

tdf 4

Dress,Hand Cuff And Sunglasses- Colaba,
Shoes and Clutch-Primark,
 Necklace- Borrowed.
Until Next Time,
Lots Of Love

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