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Hey There

With the oncoming presentations and exams, I wouldn’t want anything but to stay fashionably organised. When it comes to planning and organising I always like to stay at the forefront and be the best at it. You could call me the Monica Gellar of the show ‘Friends’ except I am not so keen on cleaning as much as her!
So when I got a chance of collaborating with Prop Shop 24 I instantly jumped at the opportunity. Not to lie,  but I have been a fan of this website since years. In fact I didn’t even know much about online shopping until I came across Prop Shop 24. They have the perfect planners, organisers, notebooks and so on.
Since I decided to have my shoot at the race course I feel like this outfit is perfect for such a location. A polka dot summer dress, perfect pair of black heels, minimal accessories and a colourful handbag!
Also it was really hard for me to choose the perfect things from their website because they have so many good options I had to settle for my favourites! I have taken a certain liking for sunglasses and these oversized pair of sunglasses absolutely go with my outfit. Infact I might have picked up the outfit just to pair it up with the sunglasses and not the other way around!
They also have quirky phone covers, which would be also a great way of accessorising your complete look and since I have a undying love for pizza’s this one is just so perfect and I couldn’t resist getting one for myself!

prop 1


prop 2

prop 3

prop 4

prop 6

prop 8

prop 5

prop 7

Dress-Vero Moda,
Heels-Forever 21,
Sunglasses, Planner,
Phone Cover- Prop Shop 24,
Necklace-New Look and
Hand Cuff-Colaba
Also a little indulgence moment of mine!

prop 10

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love



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