The Delhi Dilemma


Hey There

This is one of the most exciting and the longest post that I have ever written! Even though I was in Delhi for 3 days I ended up doing more travelling than I would have probably done in a week.
Also this is going to be my first Fashion/Travel Post where I talk about not only the outfit which I wore but also the places I visited and my infinite adventures! Since my exams had just got over I decided to take a quick adventure to one of my favourite cities Delhi!
Since my childhood I have always been fascinated with Monuments and the history behind it. Obviously both the times when I visited Delhi I was more into clicking the pictures of the Monuments and staying behind the camera. So when I got the opportunity to visit Delhi again for the third time I thought why not pose this time and embark on a true adventure! Now there are two parts to this blog post one is about my trip and the second is about my outfit. This one is about my trip. Feel free to ready any one of them or both 🙂
I caught the earliest flight as possible as you must have seen on my Instagram. The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:20 in the morning and I had to wake up at 4am which obviously not a piece of cake. On arriving in Delhi I headed to my cousin’s place, freshened up and I was ready to go! Mostly because of my excitement to travel I felt energetic otherwise on a normal day I would have lazily slouched on the couch.
My first stop was Red Fort which is absolutely gorgeous and magnificent! Although it was too crowded but beautiful in every sense. From Red Fort I headed towards Chandni Chowk which I am sure many have heard about but if not then it is the most prominent and crowded market of Delhi. Chandni Chowk is right opposite to Red Fort so a on foot journey would be most preferable.
tdd 1
Before coming to Delhi I had already chalked out a few destinations which I had planned to visit. But  since my cousin sister spent almost her entire life here she suggested me to visit Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib at Chandni Chowk. Even though I haven’t visited The Golden Temple(Amritsar) yet I can possibly say this is the most beautiful Gurudwara I have ever been to. People irrespective of their caste and religion visited here and at that moment I felt the most blissful than I have ever been.
tdd 3
tdd 2
After visiting the Gurudwara I was almost famished. After walking for more than half a kilometre I reached Fatehpuri and decided to have the local Delhi Food which definitely gave me a food orgasm! Sadly I don’t remember the name of the restaurant(it was more of a local food vendor) but the food was a must try and my taste buds were surely delighted.
tdd 4
Next Destination on my list was the India Gate and Parliament which luckily for me was close by to each other but far from where I was. Taking a taxi would have taken a lot of time hence I decided to use the Underground Metro! After travelling in the Mumbai Locals I had possibly sworn off all trains but the Delhi Underground Metro surely lived up to it’s name. Just a quick study of the Delhi Underground map was enough and I knew that now I can travel alone in any part of the World! Too much confidence I know but this all was super exciting for me.
Got down at the Central Secretariat, took a Auto Rickshaw and from far I could see the ever popular India Gate. Since it was a Saturday I expected it to be crowded but that didn’t stop me from seeing it’s beauty!
tdd 5
Right After India Gate I went on towards the parliament which ironically is my favourite place in Delhi. Firstly because it is not crowded even on the busiest day and secondly it is so peaceful and marvellous that I wouldn’t mind spending the entire day there.
tdd 6
After completing the sight seeing I could finally relax and do some shopping which brings us to Janpath Nagar. Mostly I have heard of Sarojini Nagar since many of my blogger friends have been there but then my cousin suggested that Janpath Nagar is more better when it comes to shopping and it wouldn’t be as crowded as Sarojini Nagar and trust me when it comes to shopping the last thing I want is a crowd!
tdd 7
Janpath Nagar is just like Linking Road(Mumbai) the only difference would be the colourful bags and clutches available here which I honestly don’t think I will ever be able to find in Mumbai at cheap rates. When it comes to shopping I like to buy quality stuff at affordable rates and this place surely met my needs!
tdd 8
Now I am sure most of you must have heard that India’s first H&M store has opened up In Delhi which could 90% of the reason why I wanted to go to Delhi Desperately! I remember visiting a H&M store in Dubai but I ended up purchasing bath and body stuff from there which is a total bummer because I still haven’t used them yet!
H&M like I had imagined is a complete fashion heaven! It is conveniently located at Select City Walk and by November 10th another store would be opening up soon in Delhi. Mumbai People surely will have to wait long but I guess it will be worth the wait. From Capes to Crop tops everything seemed like a sweet piece of candy which you would love to have. If you have been to a Zara store and you find it affordable then H&M would be great for you! Although I feel H&M has a wide variety of clothes and especially accessories which you definitely like to grab!

Obviously By the end of the day I was tired since I completed all the places I wanted to visit in one day and you can possibly imagine that what an insane trip it was. A trip which I can surely never forget for it gave me a lot of good memories

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Hope you guys liked this post. In my next post I would be sharing what I wore. Let me know if you want to see more of travel posts because I would surely be happy to share my adventures with you all!
Until Next Time,
Lots Of Love

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