Hey There

It’s been more than a week since my trip to Delhi and my mind is still wandering through the streets of the good old city!
Since in my last post I already discussed about my whereabouts and my journey, In this post I would concentrate more on the outfit.
Now I am a person who would love to wear all types of clothes as long as they are suiting my comfort level. After considering many options I finally decided to wear this Indo-Western Traditional dress as a top. It comes tight around the waist and then flows down to the bottom giving it a mini gown effect! Not only it blends in with the surroundings but I felt super comfortable wearing it over my favourite pair of leggings. Over the year black leggings have become my favourite and my holy grail product! Not only it goes with everything but it feels like second skin.
Moving on It was easier for me to wear this outfit around the city of Delhi and the heat was definitely tolerable. Though by the end of the day my makeup had completely washed off with the sweat but the pictures turned out to be great so it wasn’t a complete disaster!
When it comes to travelling I prefer wearing flats and shoes over wearing heels because no matter how many heels I ever buy nothing would be as comfortable as flats and shoes. Decided to wear a simple silver neckpiece which again goes along with Traditional and Western outfits and good old silver aviators that pretty much acted as a protectant for my eyes against the Delhi heat!
Also the bag was pretty much handy because when it comes to travelling I prefer Stylish Backpacks over handbags since I can almost fit everything in there! My backpack has almost all the essentials without which I wouldn’t think of stepping out of the house. Definitely going to write a post on what’s in my backpack if I ever travel again
Until then Do let me in the comments below about what you think of this outfit!
wanderlust 12
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wanderlust 3
wanderlust 1
wanderlust 13
wanderlust 15
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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


wanderlust 6

wanderlust 8
wanderlust 7
wanderlust 5
wanderlust 4
Top And Bangles-Forever 21,
And Sunglasses-Colaba
Until Next Time,
Lots Of Love

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