DIY Galaxy Shoes


Hey There

It would be an under statement to say that I have a tad bit obsession with rose gold, unicorns and galaxy prints. Like a 5 year old anything remotely close to these 3 just spikes my interest!
Taking my obsession a little further I planned on making my own galaxy shoes with my old pair of navy coloured sneakers.

It would be fair enough to say I am a collector. I love collecting and preserving all my old, new and not so torn stuff. What goes on in my mind is that it would come to my use in the far future. The far future sometimes extends upto a decade. I still have my sweaters from when I was a baby tucked in the far end of the closet! So yes these shoes faced the same brutality and I decided to give them a makeover.

Galaxy shoes particularly are hard to find. Trust me I have looked everywhere. Even if I found one by God’s grace they were too expensive! Therefore I thought why not make my own sneakers?

This is my first DIY project and honestly I thought I wouldn’t post but the shoes turned out so great I thought of sharing with you all galaxy print loving people!

Let’s go step by step shall we?

galaxy 1

What you’ll need.
Navy Blue Sneakers
White,Purple,Red and Blue Fabric Paints
A Sponge
galaxy 2
Step 1
Cover Up
Wrap the white parts of your shoe with the tape so that in the end it doesn’t end up looking messy!
galaxy 3
Step 2
It’s time to use those colors that you laid out aside earlier. Here I used a sponge and dabbed the colors I wanted and evenly spread it so that it gives a more natural effect. I tried doing it slight differently on the other shoe which surely turned out to be great!
galaxy 4
Step 3
Time to use that paintbrush and spray white paint! This is my favourite and fun part because it just makes it look so beautiful. I put white paint on the brush and used my finger to flick stars on the shoe repeatedly,covering all parts. Try to mimic a galaxy by making clusters of stars and different sizes. Also I mixed a bit of silver glitter with the white paint to give it a more real effect. Besides who doesn’t love glitter?
galaxy 5
galaxy 9
Step 4
Lastly, you’ll want to add some larger stars like the ones I made. I stared with a glob of white paint in the centre and dragging it out with small thin brush. Try adding some around the laces
galaxy 7
Step 5
Remove the tape and voila!
It’s time to remove the tape from the white parts and put the lace back on the shoes. You can put your laces in any style you like besides the shoe already look like it descendent from the galaxy itself! Yes I am boasting now but I just can’t get over them already.
Also Don’t forget to check my next post in which I will be pairing up my beauties in a coordinated outfit!
galaxy 9
Until Next Time
Lots Of Love

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