Valentine’s Day

vday 17

Hey There

First of all wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
Of course everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is all about. Spending the day with your significant other and confessing your profound love to those whom you adore. Though this Valentine’s day I am going to celebrate loving and pampering myself.
For those who are single this Valentine’s Day don’t worry! You have some amazing friends and your family to love you the most. Like me you can dress up and go out with your friends to have an amazing and memorable time. Also those are happily taken it’s time to go on a romantic date out or spend a quite evening at home making the most out of this day.
Recently I came across the idea of Renting clothes. Though trust me I was a bit hesitant since I have never tried out this concept before but ever since I tried out Blinge I have had a complete change in my perception. If you don’t have anything fancy to wear this Valentine’s day why not rent it and flaunt it?
Honestly ever since I saw this dress on Koovs I fell in love with it. However I felt it was a bit over budget and I have a had bad experience with Koovs in terms of service (that’s a story for another time). But then ofcourse I came across the same dress On Blinge at a rate of Rs 225 rent for 1-2 days and I couldn’t possibly think of passing off this opportunity!
Talking about my outfit I absolutely love this color. What’s not to love? Also wearing this dress was completely out of my comfort zone but I thought of redefining my boundaries and wearing something absolutely stunning as this dress. This dress has an amazing aesthetics to it. With pink shorts underneath and a long cloth over it I did feel like a redefined princess. With a plunging neckline and back I wore a bralet underneath just to be on a safer side and not face any wardrobe malfunction! Who would certainly want a wardrobe malfunction on their special date?
I Decided to go simple with the accessories. Since my bralet was black and I love the color combination of pink with black I decided to go with simple black heels and clutch along with jewelry with hints of gold.  Also not to over do it you can simply braid your one section of hair from both the sides and pin it up on the back for an interesting hair-do! P.S excuse me for forgetting to remove my hair tie from the hand but if you want you can count it as a accessory as well!
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Dress- Koovs (Blinge.In),
Heels,Clutch and Neckpiece-Forever 21,
and Ring-Bangkok
So that was all about the outfit. Do let me know in the comments below of what you think about it. Also I love each and everyone one of you who take out five minutes of their time to read my blog posts! You guys are the reason I push myself forward to limits I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Confess your love to someone special this valentine’s but don’t forget to first always love yourself
Until Next Time,
Lots Of Love

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