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While I write this post I am on the verge of passing out of boredom. Summer vacations can be boring if you are not travelling and making the most of these days. The time has been whirling by swiftly and before you know it you are already wondering how did time fly by so fast?

Just three-four months ago I had gone for my friend’s wedding at Rajasthan. Let me tell you before I continue with the post that destination weddings are absolutely stunning. Especially when it’s a winter wedding you can already feel those shivers running through your nerves out of excitement. Of course since I had never been to Rajasthan I was looking forward to the trip more than anyone (my excitement level might slightly had shot directly out of the roof)

Rajasthan is as beautiful as it’s name. Since I had to attend the wedding at Ajmer I didn’t have much time to wander about but I think I made the most out of those two days I stayed at Jaipur. Majestic Forts, Pink structures and Folk Music characterised the Pink City Of Jaipur. If you ask me I had a complete blast!

Not to get carried away since it was winter I had to pick out my ensemble after a lot of contemplation. Since I wanted my outfit to blend in with the culture of Rajasthan and also at the same time have a western edge I picked out this gorgeous full-sleeved black dress. With a sheer cloth on the bottom and net on the hands it was just about right for the weather. Ofcourse I can’t even imagine wearing full-sleeved clothes considering it might be extremely hot in Rajasthan right about this time. If you ask me I am still astonished that how I ended up with such a baffling dress at a considerable rate! I strongly believe that you end up finding the mightiest gems from the middle of nowhere; be it clothes or people.

I picked out a simple golden neckpiece and a black clutch which looked just about right with the outfit. Since I had to travel to a lot of places in one day wondering that I was only for two days in Rajasthan I picked out my most comfortable yet stylist pair of wedges. these Wedges have got quite a good blend of modern and traditional to it so it worked out perfectly as a part of this ensemble. Silver reflectors ofcourse to the rescue as always. Trust me I have more than 10 pair of sunglasses but I end up always loving these one’s the most!

That’s all for now. Do let me know in the comments below what you think about this outfit.













Necklace and Bangles-Forever 21

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love




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