Floral Ecstacy


Hey there!

When you have to pick out the perfect outfit for summers, there isn’t much rummaging required to be done because it gets simple as it is. Pick out the best bright and blazing summer dresses and you are good to go!

For me Summer is the perfect season to unleash all those breathtaking and lightweight clothes in the perfect, soft and colourful hues. The one thing to be always kept in mind I order to survive this heat is to wear as much of cotton clothes as possible. I can not imagine wearing anything else other than lightweight cotton clothes since they are practically much more breathable!

Recently I picked out this gorgeous floral printed summer dress from Forever 21 which made a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe! The pastel hues, the soft floral pattern and the flowy length makes it absolutely one of my favourite pieces. Although bright colours are usually my go-to colour but I prefer wearing more of pastels during this time of the year.

The dark pink wedges worked out in favour of this outfit and are much more comfortable than wearing 5 inch heels on a regular basis! Since the entire ensemble was created keeping in mind my love for pastels, I went light with the accessories. My blogger friend Let’s be carefree who is a DIY blogger helped me out in making this ensemble more perfect by gifting me this beautiful flower crown! Some might think it’s a bit over the top but honestly it turned out to be great. Also after wearing this I definitely felt like a floral princess!

Pink is my go-to colour so most of my accessories have been planned accordingly. Also how cute is this purse with the words Oui Oui Oui written in golden inscription! This outfit would be perfect if you are planning to go out on a date or a picnic with your loved ones. Also you can throw on a cute denim jacket to give out more dynamic to the ensemble.

 Let me know in the comments below about what you think of this outfit! Hope you guys have a great week ahead 🙂







Dress, Purse – Forever 21

Floral crown- Let’s be carefree

Bracelet- Claire’s

Wedges- Primark

Ring- Bangkok

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love 



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