The Belgian Blues 

Hey There!

It’s been a while since I uploaded something up on the blog but ever since college has started back again it took me quite awhile to get back to the daily hustle and bustle! Trust me at this moment I am desperately waiting to get some vacation time and escape somewhere.

Now as you must all be knowing ( if you’ve seen my Instagram and Snapchat) I had gone to Europe this summer for two weeks and I did quite some exploring. Been to cities I only ever dreamt of and met some quite interesting and amazing people! The best part about the trip is meeting people and sharing a genuine conversation with them but that’s a story for another day. Don’t worry I have quite a hilarious story to be shared with you all in this post!

After spending two days in Paris ( Read the previous post here to connect the dots ) the next place that we headed was to Brussles, Belgium.

Brussels city has quickly become a trendy spot for weekend getaways and vacations. There is a lot to learn about the history of the city, the architecture and my favourite the Belgian obsession with comic strips, chocolate and beer! It was like a dream come true.

Of course I have been eating all the chocolates I got from Belgium judiciously just to reminisce all those fond memories. Before travelling to Brussels don’t forget to check the weather and carry a good pair of shoes. Of course since it’s me I did quite the opposite!

Talking about the outfit, I picked out this beautiful blue floral dress that has been sitting in my wardrobe since ages! I literally bought this dress when I was in 10th grade and I had always thought of waiting for the right moment to wear it. Of course that right moment came like after 4 years! Nevertheless it still fits me so one less thing to worry about. It definitely did get chillier by the 3rd day of my stay which means it was time to get my long shrug out of the suitcase. The European Weather is literally unpredictable. One day it’s hot the other it’s cold. Definitely better than the Mumbai heat of course!

I decided to go makeup free on this one fine day ( Not by choice of course since all of my stuff got jumbled up somewhere ) However the weather is so pleasant you seriously wouldn’t worry about putting any makeup as the entire trip my cheeks had a natural blush!

So the journey from Paris to Brussels would hardly be 2-3 hours which with good company would pass by in seconds! Once I reached Brussels I realised I made the biggest mistake of my life. Nobody told me that Brussels is a city famous for its cobbled streets! Of course I wore my five inch heels and I had to walk in those throughout the entire city!! By the end of the day you can only imagine what atrocity my feet must have gone through! My heels kept getting stuck between the gaps and it was the worst walk of my life. However this bad experience couldn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty of Brussels 💖

The Main Tourist Attraction would have to hands down the Grand Palace! 🙌  The Grand Palace or Grote Market is the central square of Brussels. All over the world it’s known for its decorative and aesthetic wealth. If only I could live at that palace *sigh*

By the time it was afternoon I was completely famished. The best thing about Brussels is that you are literally going to find waffles shops at every corner! The waffles are just for the price of one Euro which seems absolutely fair considering the fact that Belgian waffles are the best in the world! Sorry for giving a detailed description of these waffles but trust me you would consider going to Beligum just to have those waffles covered in Nutella *drools*

Honestly I couldn’t complete it all myself but then again that’s me! After having these orgasmic waffles *wink wink* We headed out to see one of the world’s smallest bronze statue- Manneken Pis depicting a little boy peeing into a fountain’s basin! The fun fact is that it only 61cm tall!

Also if you are hunting for affordable Belgian chocolates there is a shop right next to this statue- “Rudolf Braun- Chocolaterie” which has some amazing offers going on and the chocolates would literally blow your mind!

Since I wanted to cover as many places as possible I took a local tourist bus in Brussels which would take you around the city for about an hour or so. Tried visiting as many tourist spots as possible and by the end of it I was pretty glad to have seen it all. Also with an hour to spare I visited a few local boutiques, so get ready to see a haul! 😉

Also the funniest thing happened to me in Brussels that I am going to be sharing with you all. Like I had told earlier I made a huge mistake of wearing my 5’inch heels *eye rolls* I was in a pretty bad shape walking around everywhere. So I went to some random restaurant and got my heels off so I could walk faster. In that entire process I ended up forgetting my phone on the table and walked away. Since I have a habit of checking my phone literally every 5 minutes I had this intuition that I have lost my phone. Clearly I was right and I actually ran back half a kilometre with heels in one hand and my purse on the other! Luckily it was right there where I left it and I could feel my heartbeats spike up. Do you know that feeling right when you lose your phone and you literally feel like your heartbeats have stopped? I felt that the entire time! Also I got lost in some city but that’s a story for the next post!

Next we headed out for dinner in this little town called Breda in Netherlands which again was an hour’s drive. Not going to lie but this little town did touch my heart. There was something about the place that just reached out to my soul and I knew there was no going back. Since I had been craving for Indian food a lot there is a restaurant- “Taj Mahal” in Breda which serves amazing Indian food and ended up making me home sick.

So that was all about my trip to Brussels, Beligum and yes I might have slightly gone overboard with details but sharing my experiences with all my readers only makes me feel more confident. Even if one of you would have read and enjoyed it my mission in life would be complete and I would be truly satisfied. Yes there are some days when I feel unproductive but today was one of those days when I pushed myself harder to work things out and put together this post. It is hard to remember all the details back again clearly and trust me takes up a lot of time but in the end it’s all worth it. Just remember to be positive and don’t let anything or anyone push you down. Be the change you want to be and everything would be just alright and fall into place 😊

Hope you guys liked the post. If you did be sure to comment down below or on my Instagram account and let me know what you’ll think about it.

Dress- Forever 21

Heels- Missguided

Shrug- Global Desi

Handbag- Esbeda

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love,



4 thoughts on “The Belgian Blues 

  1. Great post and perfect balance of travel and fashion! Brussels is beautiful! Did you get a chance to see any other Belgian cities? (On a side note, I moved to Europe a couple years ago and have, in the process, had to put all my heels in storage. Those cobblestones…)


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