Elysian – Amsterdam

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Well I have been posting a lot of travel stories which becomes more or less the same and monotonous to read. So instead of concentrating more about the journey I would rather focus more on what ensemble I picked out.

So the fun part about this trip was planning outfits for each day. Never have I planned outfits for two weeks straight. Like usually if I am out to my home town I would be rather hanging out in my pjs and staying in bed most of the time (highly unlikely) but when you are off to a place which is appallingly beautiful (not that my home town isn’t beautiful but hey come on it is Europe for god’s sake!) I would rather jump off the bridge into a lake full of crocodiles then be anything but dressed up. So yes took me about a week of mental preparation and some last minute procrastination to come up with this ensemble which by the way is again one of my favourites.

Anyways coming back to this outfit, I picked out this beautiful lace crop top from Brussels which is slightly navy-blackish in colour. The best thing about it is the floral lace work which absolutely looks stunning. It is neither too fancy nor too casual, right at the middle. Also crop tops looks remarkable when paired up with a skirt. In this case I picked out above the knee length skater skirt. Burgundy color is absolutely my favourite and now that I think about it my wardrobe is full of this colour and black of course! Since Autumn is just around the corner a combination of burgundy and black would look breathtaking. Since the weather in Europe is colder I wore a pair of classic black leggings underneath with black boots. If you are not confident to wear mini-length skirts, black stocking or leggings would be a good choice. But then again depends upon the colour of your skirt.

Also if you are planning to visit Amsterdam don’t forget to sit on one of the canal cruises! Cruising through those canals and seeing the beautiful architecture all around is surely mesmirising. Plus there is

Wi-Fi is free around everywhere! God knows why am I mentioning this but trust me. Being the Internet freaks that we are, this surely makes it a plus point.

To add a bit of glam to this ensemble I opted for a hint of rose gold through the my watch and ring. It’s the little details that matter and this case it is the accessories! Remember if there are a lot of things going around with your outfit, make sure to accessorize on a lighter note as you don’t want it to over power your outfit. This ensemble would be perfect with you are going for a dressy event or a date where you want to look casually at your best but not too simple enough. Be the head turner that you are and things will always work in your favour 😉

The most memorable moment of my trip to Amsterdam was meeting this local farmer who worked at cheese and wooden shoes factory. It doesn’t happen often when you meet a person who becomes etched to your memory. In this case it was this man. Usually I am bad with names so I apologise in advance for not remembering his name but I remember absolutely everything when it comes to him. Might be head over heels in love haha. Sense of humour and a genuine soul touching smile are just one of the few things that I adore about him. Also he knew Hindi pretty fluently which of course made me squirm haha!

The cheese is absolutely delish and a must try! The best thing I love about Amsterdan is that you could go grab your lunch real quick and sit near the canals. Imagine spending a fun evening with your friends, chatting about absolutely nothing and everything and looking at the pretty sunset. Dream come true.

Make sure to eat the famous French fries with Mayo which is a local delicacy of Amsterdam. There are pretty amazing and trust me the fries of McDonald’s are nothing in comparison to these! ( Again that’s my opinion)

That’s all for my post. Hope you’ll enjoyed my story. Be sure to comment down below and let me know what you think.

Top, Handbag- Primark

Boots- Truffle Collection

Skirt and Ring- Forever 21

Watch- Claires

Sunglasses- Missamore

Hat- Flipkart

Until Next Time,

Lots Of Love 



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