Autumn Layers 


Hey There

 Autumn has finally dawned upon us, and I am already reaching out for my coats, boots and frangrant candles. And of course, I can’t forget those gorgeous autumnal hues with rust and maroon being my favourites!

Since it doesn’t get much cold in Mumbai during autumn it would be agonising to wear faux leather. However layers have always been one of my favourites and for this outfit I planned to do the same. Keeping the weather in mind this casual long shirt from Clovia just fits right into my ensemble. By now you must be well aware of my slight obsession with the colour black. However every once in awhile I wouldn’t mind a pop of colour.

This colour-block shirt isn’t too bright nor too dull- just the right amount of colour I needed to go with the black co-ordinates. It makes the ensemble more classy yet edgy giving it a complete unique and chic look. Originally this is a nightwear shirt but who knew you could pull it off as a gorgeous jacket and feel like a complete boss. After donning my tinted sunglasses I definitely got the vibes of a confident girl boss who is ready for some R&R. Also I loved how comfortable I felt after wearing this so it definitely makes up to the top of my college outfits list. Yes I do have a list but hey what can I say I love lists!

To give this outfit a more omph factor I picked out this rust coloured sling bag to blend in with the autumn theme. However the leaves aren’t turning red anytime soon it doesn’t stop us from pulling off an autumn look, ain’t I right girls? White shoes have recently become a part of my wardrobe essentials and I can’t stop gushing over the fact that how amazing these look with almost everything! With minimal accessories and a balanced blend of the colours this ensemble surely is admirable and trend setter.

Be sure to comment down below and let me know what you think about this outfit!

Shirt Dress- Clovia

Crop Top and Rings- Koovs

Leggings- Morrio

Shoes- H&M

Sling purse- Bandra street shop


Until Next Time,

Lots of Love



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