Winter Blues 

Hey There!

While the rest of the world is rejoicing the fall of snow, I am glad to enjoy that gleam of sun on a cold breezy winter morning. What makes the winters in Mumbai so perfect is that it never gets too cold for you. I have been to places with extreme weather conditions so trust me this by far has to be the best! Although I wouldn’t mind every now and then to wear faux fur and duster coats but nevertheless let’s make the most out of this beautiful serenity.

Talking about the outfit, I had never planned to take the fancy route for this post. What makes me gleaming with joy is that my readers are able to grasp as much as possible from the simple ideas I put forward. Usually I would love to experiment outside my comfort zone but the first thing that comes into my mind when asked about winter would be cozy and cute clothes!

To make it short, I personally adore wearing light sweaters that doesn’t feel harsh on your skin and manages to give you some amount of warmth just as you intended. Of course since I love the colour black so much, this black skirt fits right into my ensemble. Not only does it compliment my sweater well but can be styled in multiple ways you want. For me having black skirt in your wardrobe is quintessential as it goes along well with almost everything! (Almost would be an understatement). Not to get carried away, Winters would feel incomplete without a pair of boots and this one just gives your feet that coziness and warmth pleasure.

Hope y’all enjoyed the post and don’t forget to comment down below to let me know what you think about the outfit!

Top– H&M

Skirt– H&M

Shoes– Truffle collection

Handbag– Bandra

Rings– Koovs

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love



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