Time to be jolly

Hey there!

While my regular readers might be very well accustomed to my obsession with black, others who are unaware would definitely find out now! Haha. Well I am all about black clothes this season, perhaps for every season as a matter of fact. However there is something about the month of December which fascinates me.

Talking about this ensemble, I was pretty straightforward with what I wanted to wear. Though, in other parts of the country, it definitely gets a lot more colder, however, not to be bragging, but we Mumbaikars will have always have that advantage of not too cold and not too warm. Hence, I can wear full-sleeves clothes, yet at the same time manage to keep the length of the dress short, but decent.

Although I always wanted to buy my own pair of knee boots, but the possibility of me wearing faux leather in the Mumbai climate is nil. So, I thought why not pair your own pair of boots! It’s quite simple actually, all you have to do is pair up your regular pair of black boots with knee length black socks, and you’re ready to go! I was quite intrigued by this hence decided to share this bit of information with you guys.

However I decided to add a pop of colour through my favourite rust coloured bag which quite honestly is super convenient for me to carry around on many occasions.

I believe that this outfit would look absolutely stunning if you were to go out on a date or movie for that matter. You can also opt for a grey beanie to give a cuteness factor, although I like it just the way it is!

Be sure to let me down below of what you think about the outfit. Also hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dress– Forever 21

Knee high socks– Forever 21

Boots– Truffle collection

Shrug– Global Desi

Rings– Koovs

Watch– Fossil

Purse– Bandra local store

Until Next Time, 

Lots Of Love



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