Until Next Time, Winter!

img_2972As I write this post I feel instant remorse, for the winter is almost over. Although the temperatures will never drop below 10 degree celsius in Mumbai but some of us are of the opinion that this is the best weather to have. Period! I am not a fan of summers and especially not keen when it comes to monsoon. Winter is my rejuvenating period which now is at the brink of getting over. Nevertheless I am as positive as ever and embracing the last few days of these chilly mornings.

Having said that, I love winter wear. Always have. And the best part about is that you do not have to wax! That’s right, I said it out loud. Deal with it. Hiding under those full sleeved clothes is what I live for. Haha. My Winter collection has slowly been expanding and in this post I am going to be talking about my all time favourite- Hoodie!



Personally, I have always loved Hoodie. And hence I have made it a custom to collect as many hoodies as possible every winter. This year, I have been a complete fan of grey and black. For those who read my posts regularly would already be knowing of my obsession!

Call it an obsession but I absolutely adore the airport look that models and actors pull of so effortlessly! I have been intrigued with fashion all my life and even today I consider it as a medium of self expression. So for this post I re-created an outfit with hoodie from Bewakoof.





A Cool casual wear brand mirroring the fondness of today’s youth and conforming to the latest styles at unbeatable prices! On the quest for a brand that not only coincides with my imagination but also my fashion ideals, I came upon this company called Bewakoof that has now become my ultimate destination for hot essentials!

Talking more about this hoodie, What I love about it is that it is now a part of my bare necessities. There are many days when I am absolutely clueless as to what to wear. What I learnt from ever since I started blogging is that creating casual looks are the most challenging than creating a look that is as we can say “Over the Top”. Time and again I have mentioned about how much I adore clothes that make me feel comfortable. This printed edit hoodie will keep you warm while making sure you don’t comprise on your style. You can find this hoodie here




To complete this ensemble, I picked out my classic good old pair of black leggings along with yet another bare necessity of mine- white sneakers. I wore a pair of tinted sunglasses to add a bit of colour to this outfit which instantly transformed this look and made it look much more chić and edgy. What works best for this outfit is that it is extremely versatile and casual. I would preferably wear it to college or for an casual outing with friends.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you soon with a new post! In the meantime, go to see Bewakoof’s fun new pieces. They also have Marvel T-Shirts , Jeans, Tees & Athleisure collections.

Hoodie– Bewakoof

Shoes– H&M

Leggings– Morrio

Sunglasses– Colaba

Watch– Swatch

Rings– Koovs

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love



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