Hey There!

I have been intrigued by fashion pretty much all my life, and even today there are various styles that I want to experiment with and give it a shot! Something that I have constantly been in love with are jackets and their versatility.


Green is all around us in nature, especially in spring, and military green certainly gives the perception of warm and earthy. I decided to keep the look casual and minimal yet somehow make it look trendy and edgy enough. To give some depth to the ensemble, I styled the jacket with a long black and white stripes top and black leggings being my all time favourite. This look is affordable and achievable and perfect for every day wear. I choose to wear heels with this outfit but one could also incorporate black boots or espadrilles into the ensemble depending upon the weather and occasion. Though as summer is approaching espadrilles would be a perfect match! Hopefully green military jackets are in for the long haul and I would love to pair up this jacket in any which way.



Being a tech-savvy person, I like to infuse style with the gadgets I carry and make it a fashionable accessory that goes along with my outfit. Believe me I have got a phone cover to match with almost all my outfits! My crazy obsession with phone covers would never end and I would keep hoarding them as long as I can. Haha. So recently I came across this website Zero Gravity and I am kidding you not but their phone covers are absolutely gorgeous and a delight to look at!



Personally I believe phone covers go a long way in reflecting certain elements of your personality and this certainly appealed to me a lot! What’s not to like? A Sturdy back and a flexible rim which is not only protecting your phone but also giving it an upbeat and exciting look!


This LA based company, fuses modern and vintage elements into eye catching accessories which is inspired by the beauty of everyday life. If you want to up your case game, this store is definitely for you. What I loved about it the most is the speedy service. Within two weeks of placing the order I received the cover which is definitely earns itself a plus point. You can check out their other phone covers and accessories here. Also they have a sale going on so don’t forget to take a look and grab this opportunity!





Be sure to let me know down in the comments below which is your favourite place to buy phone covers!

Green Military Jacket- H&M

Top- Splash

Leggings- Morrio

Heels- Missguided

Phone Cover & Pin- Zero Gravity

Watch- Swatch

Ring and Neckchains- Forever 21

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love





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