All About Basics

Hey There!

There is nothing like a no brainer look on your day off. At this moment all I can think of while heading out in this weather is an outfit that is made of cotton. The weather in Mumbai is surely unbearably hot and I just want to wear outfits that are breezy and comfortable to be in.

What’s better than wearing a basic white tshirt and denim jeans this season? Time and again I have mentioned about my love for basic and staple essentials which every girl should particularly own. Although I have always embraced my go-to all black look but I decided to swap it with white instead.

When you head out this weekend with your friends, don’t change out of your white tees and jeans- Give them a sexy update instead!

Here I picked out an oversized white tshirt because not only they are easier to knot up in case you decide to but also you can elegantly pull it off as an off shoulder top. Also recently I have started embracing the denim transition which peculiarly looks classy with white tshirt! Although I picked out white shoes for this ensemble, you can surely ditch them for something more feminine like a pair of statement pumps.

Do let me know how would you pair up your white tshirt this season in the comments below!

 Top- H&M

Jeans- Forever 21

Shoes- H&M

Sunglasses– Sarojini Nagar

Purse- Bandra Link Road

Watch- Primark


Until Next Time,

Lots of Love



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