Love Yourself


Hey There,

“What’s wrong with your hairstyle?”

“She is a bit on the healthier side”

“Why are your legs so abnormally fair?”

“You’ve got little hair on your face”


I have grown up hearing a lot of this on a constant basis. A continuous ranting of what I should be doing or ideally what should I be looking like. I am not sure if you’ll relate to me or not but It was rigorous and not easy. I wouldn’t lie and say it didn’t affect me. Ofcourse it did but at what cost? Time and again I’ve always preached this one particular line a lot many people may already be aware of.

“Our Scars Makes Us Beautiful”


No I am not here to teach you all a life lesson or get back at those who have tried to pull me down. I am here to only fall in love with myself more. People will judge you no matter what. Yes I’ve been body shammed but should I let it affect me? No and  Trust me when I say that in the end it all doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter what others think of you but what really matters is what you think of yourself.


With every scar or stretch mark I feel comfortable in my own skin. Yes once I was a very emotional person but now I would love the people to know me for who I truly am. The goofy girl next door who loves listening to old classic music with an old book in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other.

Though even the smallest act of love can make such a huge difference in someone’s life. We all have our bad days but imagine someone holding out the door for you or smiling back at you. These small little gestures that brightens up your whole day those are the one’s that matter! Love is the only religion one should preach and thanks to  Yes We Vibe I can proudly spread those good vibes.

My obsession with Graphic T-Shirts cannot be simply justified. What I love about it the most are the vibrant colours and the Hindu Symbol “OM”  beautifully inscribed. Whenever I feel anxious or nervous, this mantra simply helps me fight those insecurities.


I decided to keep the monotony in this ensemble and hence decided to pick out my basic lace black skirt which absolutely looks wonderful when paired up with anything. Of course I had to add a pop of colour to this all black outfit which is why these pair of pink wedges definitely complimented the look! Let’s talk about how versatile their tops are. I could put it together with a pair of ripped jeans or wear it to the gym. This would be though perfect to wear to the college as I am always on the lookout for basic T-shirts that not only makes me feel comfortable but gives the edginess I want. Check out their collection here




Also more power to you all! Thanks for 10000 followers on Instagram. My love for you’ll is endless and I only promise to deliver as much interesting content as possible. If you liked this post do let me know in the comments section down below. Keep spreading positive vibes *wink wink*


 Get My Look

     Top – YesWeVibes | Buy here

Skirt- Jabong

Heels- Primark

Bag- Janpath Market, Delhi

Sunglasses- Lenskart

Watch- Claire’s

And I think I can conclude my post here with the hope that you liked the look as much as I did! Have a Great Weekend All.

Until Next Time,

Lots of Love




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