Royal Romance


Amidst the chaos of the urban life we tend to get distorted from the roots that keeps us strong. I have been one of those who has always embraced what the western culture had to offer us. Yet somehow why is it that whenever we wear traditional outfits we tend to become more elegant and classy? I remember like it was yesterday when I would wrap my mom’s saree around me and wear her bangles when I was a kid. Surely that did not end well because my dressing skills were not so on point! Though the joy of wearing something traditional is truly overwhelming.



With the festive season nearing, I’m sure many of us are on the lookout for the right kind of outfits. Though I am not entirely comfortable with wearing sarees however ensembles like this certainly fits my criteria! This dress is absolutely beautiful with this golden colour and black complimenting the look. Usually I am not so keen on accessories hence I decided to go simple by picking out golden and black bangles and a gorgeous ring to seal the deal.




Talking more about the outfit, I love how there is a certain dimension to it and layers of lace that absolutely accentuates it more. It certainly makes me look more edgy and therefore it was a love at first sight for me! How crazy is that we can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the clothes one wears. Sure looks can be deceptive when you think about it depth but we display a lot of our characteristics and traits by the clothes we wear.




I did consider wearing my white sneakers under this outfit however for once I decided to embrace the feminine side of mine! Though I am sure one of these days you might catch me wearing those sneakers secretly under my golden dress.




Dress- Soch

Heels- New Look

                                               Photography- Smit Patel ( Follow him here )


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Until Next Time

Lots of Love





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